Electrical Job Done Right with Limelight Electrix

Getting your home or office electrical system done is no joke. When it is not done right, you run the risk of electrical short circuits, damages to electrical appliances and devices, and even fire.

If you are planning to hire a service for security light installation Perth and other electrical services, consider calling Limelight Electrix.

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Calling them up to get this job done allows you several advantages which you might not be able to enjoy with other electrical service companies. These include advantages like:

1. Top quality materials and employees

In order to make sure that your house or your establishment is safe from any danger caused by faulty wirings, they make use of top-quality materials to ensure the safety and the efficient delivery of electricity within your home.

Aside from using top-class materials, they also employ electricians who are licensed, experienced, and well-trained in their field of expertise. Furthermore, they only hire employees after doing a thorough background check, ensuring proper service and keeping your belongings safe.

2. On-time services

They make sure that customers get the best electrical service. Being on time is one of their service values. They get to their customers on time for the job and get it done as scheduled. They even guarantee that they would be on time, or else they will pay you $50.00 for being late for the job.

3. Gives you fair and upfront pricing

Unlike other companies with additional charges and unclear bills after getting the job done, Limelight Electrix makes sure that you get a quote for any electrical services such as security light installation Perth or other services offered upfront. Meaning, the quote you get upon inquiry is what you will only be paying.

4. Round-the-clock service

You cannot predict when electrical problems occur. Without electricity, it can hamper productivity in the office or cause discomfort in the house. That is why they have 24 hour electricians Perth who can get the job done at any time of the day.

5. Wide area of service

They offer different services for several areas in Australia. They also provide services for electrician Cottesloe, Perth, Ascot, and many other places. This assures you a quality electrical service wherever you are in Australia.

Now that you have seen why it is beneficial to make use of these services, let us take a look at what they offer:

1. Electrical services and installation – When it comes to electrical services, they provide installations for your different electrical needs including:

  • Ceiling fan installation – A perfect alternative for the regulation of room temperature in your house. In turn, saving more on electricity compared to using air-conditioners.
  • Power point installation – Appliances are useless, unless you have a power point to connect them. If you need additional power points installed, Limelight Electrix is the best company to get this job done.
  • Switchboard installation and upgrades – In order to provide sufficient electricity to all your appliances, you need to make sure that enough electricity is being supplied by switching your old switchboards with newer ones.
  • Lighting installations – They also provide installations for different lightings in your house or your business establishment needs. Services include security light installation Perth, bathroom lighting, down light installation Perth, or even chandelier installation and repair.

2. Safety measures – Aside from installation of electrical items, they also offer other services to make sure that your electrical system is safe and provides sufficient electricity to your appliances and electrical devices. This includes:

  • Home inspection of electrical systems – To make sure there are no short circuits or fire hazards, they inspect your wirings and provide you with the best options on whether to repair or replace certain wires.
  • Surge protection – When electricity surge enters your electrical system, this can cause damage to your appliances and other devices. Their surge protection services make sure that there is no power surge occurring to safeguard your devices.
  • Smoke detector installations – In case fire breaks out in your house, early detection can help you minimize damages and even save your property from total destruction.

3. Other services – They also provide other services aside from safety measure services and electrical installations such as:

  • Hot water services round-the-clock – They know that taking a bath with warm water is relaxing, while cold water baths are quite uncomfortable. In the event that your electric hot water system stops functioning, they offer 24/7 service to repair and restore the water system, ensuring you a continuous supply of hot water.
  • Split system air-conditioning installation – If you want to purchase and install a split system AC, Limelight Electrix can provide you with AC installation services. If you already have the unit, you can call them in to have it installed correctly in your house.