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What to Look for in a Right Concrete Coring Provider

Either commercial buildings or domestic structures especially the big ones require concrete coring works. Concrete Coring is a process of drilling perfectly round holes through floors, concrete pavements, walls and other concrete structures. Today, many firms are rendering concrete coring services across Melbourne making it very convenient to hire one.

Concrete Coring

You might be planning to build your own business and in the future you will likely to request from firms to get your drilling needs done. In such event, looking for concrete coring Melbourne service will require you to consider many factors. As expected, you have to determine how much drilling you need for your structure. By doing this, you are in fact calculating how much you will have to spend for the service.

Aside from budgetary capacity, you also have to take into account the duration over which the work will have to be carried out. By having knowledge of the deadline for the work to be done is very important so that you as the owner can have idea on when you can possibly start your business operation.

Most importantly, when the budget has been obtained and the structure has been prepared already for the work, you need to look for coring service provider which you can count on. A reliable concrete coring in Melbourne must have dedicated and highly skilled personnel. This means that their personnel have wide knowledge about the work and must be sensitive to the needs of the client. A right service provider must consider the convenience of its customers. The firm should be flexible to send in their personnel at the most convenient time. Also, you should ensure that their workers can be made available when you have problems that need to be fixed the soonest possible time.

While it is least of your concern but as a customer you should also learn how concrete coring works. Ideally, you must know what processes are involved. Only when you have the knowledge – even basic ones – can you strictly monitor the work and complain if you notice some irregularities.

Here is the process of concrete drilling or coring:

1.       You have to grab the mounting machine and hook it up to the wall or the concrete structure you want drilled.

2.       Attach the vacuum to the mounting machine and turn it on. The vacuum will create pressure on the structure.

3.       When it reaches the necessary sanction it allows the mounting machine with the corer to free stand.

4.         Plug the corer in.

5.       Press the trigger situation in the inner side of the handle.

If you want to find concrete coring service that will not fall short of what you deserve and require, Big Cut Sawing and Drilling is the right pick for you. The company is banking on its long years of service in the industry for about more than 2 years now. You can call Big Cut Sawing and Drilling at 0409 066 660. You may also want to visit their site at It offers wide range of concrete cutting and concrete removal services. The firm is located at P.O Box 747, Oakleigh 3166.


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