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Three Main Factors to Consider When Leasing Land to A Cell Tower Company

Having a cellular tower erected on your land is a rare opportunity that you may be presented with. A cellular telephone site where antennae and electronic communication equipment are placed is called a cell tower. Cell towers are constructed by communication companies. These companies offer cell tower rent in exchange with your land. Cell tower rent will differ from one company to the other. Some will offer you a good amount for your portion of land, while some will offer an amount which is not appealing at all. Naturally, one will tend to come into an agreement with a company which will give a good value for the cited land. Before leasing out your land, there are factors that one should put into consideration. Cell tower rent is a good source of income to you as the land owner.

Cell Tower Rent

Below are three main factors.

Amount of rent

As the property owner you should reason out critically when coming into an agreement with a company that is making the deal. You should be aware of mobile tower leases to avoid being cheated on by the company. Once the contract has been signed, it is quite hard to make changes. A company which offers the highest amount of rent should be the one to give first consideration. If as a land owner you are not aware of the leasing amount, then it is easy for the communication company to take advantage of that. It is advisable you do an evaluation of the current leasing amount to be sure of the monetary aspect of the contract.


It is advisable to do a lot of consultation and research as the property owner. This enhances the understanding of conditions on mobile tower leases. Most these companies will advise you on the options that a mobile phone carrier will may have when it comes to cell tower construction. By making consultations, you will come into terms with the rent and that a mobile phone carrier should pay in exchange for the use of the land. Consultations are good when it comes to evaluating the value of your property as a landowner.

Consultation companies will still make you aware of the non-monetary issues that should be addressed based on the location, the type and effects of the cell tower being constructed on the land. Consultant companies are the best when it comes to information concerning mobile tower leases. Check out Cell Tower Lease Experts for more details.

Leasing rates

Mobile phone tower leases vary based on different factors. You should rely on leasing rates information being given by the cell tower company. Usually mobile phone tower lease rates will vary depending on factors like current market lease rates and site acquisitions. You should remember that relying on the market rent without considering other factors can cost you a lot of money when a contract has been signed. Therefore it is good to understand the different leasing rates in your location. You benefit from the understanding that every cell tower site has a different leasing rate value. This happens because the value of land is never put into consideration. It is good to be careful with agents, as most of them work together with the company owners. That is when you need a consultant company to advise you.

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