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***Global Warming ***


AFL-CIO policy statements on global warming

AFL-CIO resolution on UN Climate Change Negotiations, Feb 1997 click here

AFL-CIO resolution the Kyoto Protocol, January 1998 click here

AFL-CIO resolution on U.S. Energy Policy, February 1999 click here

Martime Trades Department resolution on Climate Policy, Oct 1999 click here

  (see article in the November UJAE Newsletter)

AFL-CIO statement on damage from high fuel prices to the U.S. economy

  and working families, February 2000 click here

Testimony by Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer,

  June 1997 click here

Statement by Richard Trumka at Kyoto Negotiations, December 9, 1997

  click here


Sequestration and Technology Presentation- getting on a path

  for stabilization of CO2 at 550 ppm without mandatory

  emission controls. click here


Slideshow overview and job impact statements

  Slideshow Climate Policy, People and Jobs. Presentation developed by UJAE

  unions to give a labor perspective on climate policy and the Kyoto Protocol

  (about 2 min to download at 56k)  click here

Slideshow Economic Cost of Global Warming click here


Job Impact of the Kyoto Protocol

Summary of DRI study of the economic impact of the Kyoto Protocol

  Includes state-by-state employment impact click here

Summary of Argonne National Laboratory Study: The Impact of Potential

  Climate Change Commitments on Energy Intensive Industries (Aluminum,

  Steel, Cement, Chemicals, Refining, and Paper) click here

Summary of Energy Information Agency (EIA) study: Analysis of the Impacts

  of an Early Start for Compliance (phasing in requirements more slowly)

  with the Kyoto Protocol (July 1999) click here

Summary of Energy Information Agency (EIA) study: Impacts of the Kyoto

  Protocol *Three year phase down in emissions  (October 1998) click here

Summary of study by Consad Research Corporation of job loss caused by

  Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol (includes state-by-state job loss)

  click here

Potential Economic Impacts of  the Kyoto Climate Change Protocol

  On Blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. Executive Summary (5 pages) click here

  Full Study (177 pages) Available on Request

Summary of June 2000 Study of the Fiscal Impact of the Kyoto Protocol

  On Local Governments in the United States click here

  by Stephen S. Fuller, Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University


Statements of UJAE member unions on global warming

Teamsters' resolution on the Kyoto Protocol (January 2001) click here

Testimony by Cecil Roberts, President of the Mine Workers

  on the Economic Effects of the Kyoto Protocol click here

Testimony by Ande Abbott, Legislative Director of the Boilermakers

  on Effect of the Kyoto Protocol on the U.S. Cement Industry click here

International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General

  Workers' Unions (ICEM) Executive Committee Resolution on Climate

  Change June 10, 1997 (Boilermakers, Mine Workers, UFCW, and

  Utility Workers are affiliated with the ICEM) click here

Statement to UN Delegates in Kyoto, Japan by Ken Zinn, North American

  Coordinator of ICEM click here

Link to Transportation Trades Department (TTD) convention resolution

  passed July 21, 2000 "Speaking Out Against Senseless Energy

  and Environmental Policies" click here

  (Most UJAE unions are affiliated with the TTD)

Letter to Senators on Energy bill amendments on climate change and

  renewable portfolio standard, June 2, 2003 click here

UJAE Letter to the Senate on McCain-Lieberman, September 9, 2003 click here

UJAE ad in Oct 27th Roll Call and National Journal on S.139

  (McCain-Lieberman) click here


** Air Quality (Multi-emission legislation including greenhouse gases)**

Slideshow presentation shows improving trends in air quality while energy

  use has grown click here

Slideshow presentation comparing Mine Worker proposal for 3 emission reduction

  at powerplants with environmental group demands and industry proposals

  click here

Slideshow presentation - Bush's "Clear Skies Initiative" for power plant

  emissions - how it compares - and a description of President's "Global Climate

  Change Initiative." click here

Labor letter opposing inclusion of CO2 with regulation of SO2, NOx and mercury,

  October 2001 click here

Background on four emissions - SO2, NOx, Mercury and CO2 click here

Labor principles for addressing state multi-emission legislation click here

UJAE presentation at the Massachusetts DEP meeting on mercury Oct 11, 2002

  click here

Mine Workers testimony on multi-emissions and Clear Skies, April 2003

  click here

IBEW Press Release on multi-emissions legislation, April 2003 click here


*** Energy Policy ***

AFL-CIO Convention energy resolution passed October 1993 (ANWR) click here

AFL-CIO letter to Capitol Hill in support of drilling in ANWR click here

Labor views on ANWR click here

Sources of the US energy supply click here

Views of Teamsters, Laborers and Marine Engineers on ANWR click here

Letter to Senators on Energy bill amendments on climate change and renewable

  portfolio standard, June 2, 2003 click here


*** State level information ***

Labor principles for addressing state multi-emission legislation click here

Model State Resolution on multi-emissions legislative proposals click here


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