It’s difficult to sustain neat and attractive carpets. One of the ways is to go with hardwood flooring that is low maintenance and clean or you can learn these carpet cleaning hacks for softer steps.

Spills: A headache for people! But don’t worry, every spill has a unique method to be cleaned. The bottom line is to cope with them as soon as possible. The greater the spill sits the more challenging it could be to eliminate. Take in quite as much of the excess as possible. Then decide the next steps:

Sugar based spills: Particularly if you have kids this is probably the most common spills that you will get. After taking in the surplus, spray the spot with tepid to warm water and use a cloth to blot. Take into account that you shouldn’t rub. Blot by putting pressure on the cloth. When you’re carried out a clean cloth over the spilt area, put something heavy on it for a few hours.

Dairy spills: Soak a clean cloth in the mixture made of a cup of water and half a tbsp of dishwashing detergent, blot the dairy stain until it’s gone.

Smell: Regardless of how deep cleaning you believe you are carrying out to your carpet it’s difficult to consider smells out of the carpet. However this easy trick will help you cope with the smell originating from your carpet. Mix two glasses of baking soda with ten drops of essential oil of your choice. Spread over your carpet and allow it to sit overnight in the morning.

Wine spills: You should use exactly the same method as dairy spills. If it’s a stubborn stain you should use vinegar rather than detergent.

Oily spills: Whenever you end up getting oil-based stains on your carpet, spread a thick layer of sodium bicarbonate on the stain and leave it until it looks a little crusty.

Paint or nail polish spills: To eliminate this stain you will have to use rubbing alcohol that might trigger problems on the carpet. So prior to using alcohol always put on a small unseen area of the carpet. When the carpet doesn’t respond to the alcoholic beverages you are able to chip away on the polish or paint with a knife and dab the area with the rubbing alcohol.

Gum: Don’t worry if somebody drops gum and steps on it unintentionally, it’s not no more the world anymore. All you need is an ice cube. You can’t cope with the gum when it’s soft, that’s the reason why you will have to deep freeze with an ice cube and then you can discard it.

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